Welcome to new era in cooking and understanding food at all levels. How it should taste better, look better, be healthier and have a more holistic aproach. Using fresh food and herbs, mixed with a positive and more focused approach to making eating food, a delight.

With a blend of new and traditional recipes, revitaised to tantalise the ever seeking, always exploring taste buds of the discerning Singapore palette. The Design A Cuisine team, is fully equipped to take your restaurant or event to a whole new dimension in taste sensation and presentation.

Restaurant and Hotel managers/owners, can now have your Chefs personally trained in A la carte Indian and fusion cuisine, giving your menu the edge over the competition with specially crafted recipes for the professional kitchen.

Liven up your Restaurant’s Menu’s or next party with tailer made solutions that will have your patrons begging for more and sharing the experience with their friends.

Advice from Design A Cuisine could save you thousands of dollars, as every aspect of your business can be assisted to make it more profitable and cost effective.

Design A Cuisine can consult on all your hospitality training, staffing, catering and event management needs. Please visit our Services page for a detailed description.

Our Consultant Chef

The acclaimed Chef Yogesh Arora is our consultant chef. He is well known in the culinary scene of Singapore having won numerous culinary awards locally and internationally. His experience as the Chef De cuisine of Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore for 12 years is testimony of his talent.

Chef Arora’s food is not just based on the principles of taste and visual appearance, more importantly, under the tutelage of Sri Sri Poonamji he has been learning how to enhance the holistic value of food by utilizing the principles as taught by Sri Sri Poonamji.