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The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia March 29, 2006
Tiers Before Lunch
India’s famous buffet comes to Sydney
Tiffin Room is Raffles hotel’s busiest restaurants. Next week it’s Chef, Yogesh Arora,will be in Sydney serving the current Tiffin buffet lunch served in Singapore.
Singapore Tatler, Singapore’s Best restaurants 2004
Tiffin Room
The legendary Indian buffet has a bias towards the dishes of the North from where Chef Yogesh Arora hails.The dishes are light on oil so that businessmen do not get drowsy after eating.No other Indian restaurant serves as many chutneys,all homemade.
City weekly ,Sydney, Australia 2007
Tiffin Room serves an extensive buffet under chef Yogesh Arora. In Sydney Chef Arora will present some of his signature dishes.
Indian Link Newspaper,Sydney Australia – 2006
For over a century,Singapore’s acclaimed Raffles hotel has stood for elegance,luxury and perfection.The Tiffin Room at this magnificent hotel has become well known for it’s fine culinary tradition.Chef Yogesh Arora, Chef De Cuisine at Tiffin Room has been at the helm of the historic restaurant having received many prestigious awards.
Financial Express Newspaper, New Delhi, India, 2008
Fusion Country 
Singapore is possibly the perfect place for a gourmet traveler to disc over the cuisines of the world.
Chef Yogesh Arora, In a article written for Financial Express Newspaper ,New Delhi,India.,2008
Open House, Food Service Magazine, Sydney, Australia – 2006
Time for Tiffin
Now the historic eatery is led by Chef de Cuisine Yogesh Arora whose work has attracted many awards and accolades.
Sunday Mail –Article by Gail Williams, Perth ,Western Australia –2000 
Relishing Raffles
Yogesh oversees the preparation for the legendary tiffin curry smorgasbord which has been served in the famous Tiffin Room since 1899.Today he is showing the woman-the Royal Cuisine of India.
Eatz Magazine October 2004 in an article on Deepavali
Celebrations of Life
Chef Yogesh Arora,who heads the Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel tells us ,’ God is love and cooking is an expression of love.Thus when you prepare food you do it out of that love.’
Food & travel Magazine November 2007
A light Affair
Celebrate Deepavali,the Hindu festival of lights with authentic recipes shared by Chef Yogesh Arora of Raffles Hotel serving up northern Indian delights which you can prepare for family and friends.
Robb Report Worth , US Based publication – 2003 
Dining Incognito
There are few better places to experience the city’s cuisine than in the northern Indian restaurant in Raffles’s historic main building.Today Chef Yogesh Arora starts the meal with mulligatawany Soup.While your dinner at Tiffin Room may not be most elegant affair you have ever hosted,it just may be the most authentic and certainly the most flavoursome.
Hindustan Times Newspaper,New Delhi,India – April 2002
Delhi Boy has Singapore eating out of His Hands
What makes Yogesh stand apart from the generation of Indian chefs is that a curry looks like a curry and not like a dish out of French cuisine nouvelle,yet the personality of individual ingredients are not smothered by spices.That is ideally the direction new Indian cuisine must take.
Savour Magazine Singapore—August 2003
Chef Of the Quarter
Chef Yogesh has been spreading his culinary fame across the continents and has bagged numerous awards too.Inside the kitchen ,Chef Yogesh is quick on his feet and nimble with his fingers.
Times Of India News paper, New Delhi, India – June 2001
Yogesh Arora: A desi fling with the Singapore Sling
The problem with Indian food served at hotels and restaurants is that it is too spicy, too rich and very heavy.And that is how food should not be,says Yogesh. Good food suggests the cuisine connoisseur,should be like what you eat at home-light and sufficiently flavoured.
The Sunday Tribune,Chandigarh, India – May 2005
Singapore –Treaure trove of surprises
At the Raffles Tiffin Room, we savour Indian cuisine served in thalis,. The chief chef is Yogesh Arora, a Punjabi from Delhi. He won a bronze medal in the 13th Food and Hotel Asia for a three-course ethnic Asian meal.
Eatz Magazine ,Singapore – 2003
Eating out Vedic Good 
Chef Yogesh Arora at the Tiffin Room in Raffles Hotel,who specializes is preparing the Rajasic type of ayurvedic food,which is believed to improve vitality and passion.
Health first Magazine ,Singapore – 2005
Cultured Club
Raffles Hotel Chef de Cuisine Yogesh Arora points out that in Ayurvedic cooking spices such as ground dry roasted cumin or black salt are added to yogurt to aid digestion. Yogurt is believed to be good for skin texture and digestion elaborates Chef Yogesh.
The New Asia Cuisine & Wine scene — May 2003
Indian Odyssey
Chef De cuisine of Tiffin Room ,Raffles Hotel,Yogesh Arora explained north Indian cuisine is more influenced by those who invaded India.
Chef Arora added another interesting point – that there is a science behind the whole idea of Indian cuisine—the Ayurvedic foundation that the whole Indian cuisine tower is based on.
Wine & Dine Magazine – September 2002
Kulinary Kamasutra
According to Sous Chef Yogesh Arora of Raffles Hotel’s Tiffin Room these foods induce desire for passion and good things in life.Chef Arora created the power packed samudri sher – tandoori lobster and asparagus with cashewnut and cardamom sauce—based on his knowledge of an ancient system of Indian cooking called Ayurveda.
Fables Magazine ,Singapore – 2000
A Taste of the Raj
The Chef steering the Tiffin Room into the 21st century is Chef Yogesh Arora from India.Chef Arora is a firm believer that freshness is the key to good food , fresh food is nutritious.My basic philosophy is that food has to be simple as possible.It can not be too heavy or too rich. The Straits Times ,Singapore January 2000
Bit of Tiffin and History
Tiffin Room offers you a chance to go into a bit of Singapore history as well.Your friends will probably savour the chance to taste a bit of curry without burning their tongue.The curries here are delicious.
The New York Times – November2005
For a taste of nostalgia and a typical British curry Tiffin, a visit to the Tiffin Room in the landmark Raffles hotel is a must.
The Indian Down Under Newspaper, Sydney Australia – June 2006
Keeping the Tiffin tradition alive
The Raffles Hotel’s finest Chef Yogesh Arora ,direct from the Tiffin Room was in Sydney April 2-13 at Swissotel,Sydney presenting his famous Tiffin buffet and his signature dishes.
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